SACK'S - Black & White

Sack's women are walking throw a very thin line, between toughness and softness. The inspiration came from deep research into the magic insect world. The silhouette is sophisticated; expose a powerful bohemian women; sexy, mysterious but prudish at the same time, will dress up with comfortable and loose fit tops, skinny pants and mini dresses with long sleeves or maxi dress in fluid fabric, almost transparent, both decorated with original hand designed embroidery tone on tone and authentic hand made prints. monochromatic coloration- black, grey, white keeps the collection well organised, easy to diverse and play with between day and night, night and day- every day. simplife in black and white, light olive, sky and 'hunter' that between green and brown The graphics compose by insects remains and their corpse with a geometrics background. mix bohemian vintage chic, with a touch of futuristic motives. tie and dye effect, dropping colors inclination, fades and blur shades. As always, we keep high quality, fluid fabrics as 100% silk, cotton, rayon, viscose and wool. knitwear: rich cashmere, cotton, and 100%marino wool for a cozy winter.


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